Generate boilerplate UI code from your sketches

Introducing Sketch2App 🎨📱

Sketch2App is an innovative tool that takes app development to the next level. By combining the power of GPT-4 vision with hand-drawn sketches, this tool bridges the gap between ideas and execution, making it an essential asset for developers and designers.

Key Features:

👁️‍🗨️ GPT-4 Vision Integration: Transform hand-drawn sketches into functional app sandboxes using advanced GPT-4 vision capabilities.

🔥 Boilerplate UI Code Generation: Effortlessly generate boilerplate UI code from your sketches, saving time and boosting efficiency.

🌐📱 Web and Mobile App Prototyping: Use React with Tailwind CSS for web app code or explore React Native for mobile app prototypes. Sketch2App adapts to your chosen framework seamlessly.

👀 Code and Sandbox Preview: Get a preview of your app's look and feel within seconds of capturing your wireframe or sketch, along with the generated code.

🔧 Simple Setup: Clone the repository, create an account on OpenAI, and add your API key to a file named .env. Running the application is as easy as a few command line commands.

🆓🔓 Free & Open Source: Sketch2App is designed to be accessible and open source, encouraging collaboration and innovation.

Future PRO Features (Potential):

🌟 Extended Framework Support: Explore additional framework support like Flutter, Python with Streamlit, and Swift to broaden the tool's applicability.

💻 Enhanced Collaboration Features:

- Support for multiple sketches and notes.

- User authentication and saving sketches to individual accounts or collaborative teams.

- Capture sketches directly on a virtual whiteboard for a dynamic and interactive experience.

- Real-time collaboration features for teams working on app development projects.


Sketch2App serves as a catalyst for creative ideation and rapid app prototyping. With the potential for future enhancements and collaboration features, it promises to be a versatile tool for developers exploring new frontiers in UI/UX design and app development. Discover the power of Sketch2App and watch your sketches come to life in the digital realm.

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