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💡 Idea Generation [Generate recommendations for] [content, such as articles/products/services] [based on interests/preferences]
✒ī¸ Text Generation Generate/Write] [a text] [about/on/based on] [topic/prompt]
↩ī¸ Reply Generation [Generate a message / customer service response / reply for] [inquiry/question]
📈 Report Generation [Generate a report] [on data/insights] [for business/market analysis]
đŸ–ŧī¸ Image Caption Generation [Generate a caption for] [this image]
📄 Text Classification [Classify/Categorize] [this text/document] [into predefined categories]
😐 Sentiment Analysis [Analyze the sentiment of] [this text/sentence] [and classify it as positive, negative, or neutral]
📋 Summarization [Summarize/Condense] [this text/article] [into a shorter form]
đŸ’Ŧ Conversation [Have a conversation/chat] [about topic]
🈂ī¸ Translation [Translate] [this text/phrase] [from language] [to language]
📃 Text Completion [Complete this sentence/paragraph]: [partial text]
🙋 Question Answering [What is/are] [the answer to] [question]?

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Content Creation
Course Creator Create an outline for [Course name] with 11 modules with real-life examples in an interactive way to appear more human-like.
Industry Competitors Analyze the top three competitors in the [industry] and suggest unique selling points for a new business.
Industry Growth Suggest three niche markets within the [industry] that have growth potential.
Business Ideas Generate 10 innovative business ideas in the [industry] sector.
Presentation Helper I need to prepare a presentation for a potential investor on <presentation topic>. Can you give me some guidance on what to include?
Project Timeline I need to write an email to a client regarding a change in the project timeline. Can you give me some guidance on how to phrase it?
Agenda Architect I want to create an agenda for a meeting about<Meeting info> with my team. Can you give me some examples of what should be included?
Partnership Pathway Provide a guide on networking and building partnerships as a small business owner.
Finance Framework Provide a guide on managing finances for a small business, including budgeting, cash flow management, and tax considerations.
Capital Compass Offer a comprehensive guide to small business financing options, including loans, grants, and equity financing.
Regulation Review Offer an in-depth analysis of the current state of small business legislation and regulations and their impact on entrepreneurship.
Tool Teardown Offer a detailed review of a <specific software or tool> for <describe your business>.

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