Talk to any GraphQL API in natural language

Introducing ChatGQL: 🤖

ChatGQL, developed by Hashnode, is a free AI tool that allows users to communicate with any GraphQL API using natural language.

Key Features:

- 🗣️ Natural Language Processing: Interact with GraphQL API using everyday language for improved accessibility and user-friendliness.

- ⚡ Instant Code Generation: Generate schemas and code instantly to accelerate the development process.

- 👌 Ease of Use: Simply enter the GraphQL schema, and ChatGQL is ready to answer any question you have.

Use Cases:

ChatGQL proves to be an indispensable tool for developers working with GraphQL API by speeding up the development process through instant schema and code generation. With its natural language capabilities, it also empowers non-technical stakeholders to effortlessly understand and interact with the API.

Try ChatGQL today and experience the power of seamless communication with GraphQL APIs.✨

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