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Elevate Your Online-to-Offline Sales

Introducing Peasy Sales - the ultimate solution for seamless online-to-offline sales. 🚀

Not all products can be sold through traditional e-commerce shopping carts, and that's where Peasy Sales comes in. With Peasy Sales, you can achieve high-quality leads, streamline your sales teams, track deals, and optimize your sales process, all in one platform. It's time to bridge the gap and take your sales to the next level.

Key Features:

🔍 Peasy Marketing: Leverage AI to analyze WhatsApp conversations for improved targeting and higher quality leads.

💼 Peasy Sales: Empower your sales team with automation, AI-powered follow-ups, and forecasting tools.

📲 Multi-channel Support: Reach your audience on various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, and more.

📈 Campaign Prediction: Protect your budget by getting results predictions before spending.

🎯 Audience Recommendation: Automatically set your campaign targeting for better precision.

🔧 Automatic Optimization: Optimize targeting, bids, budgets, and channels with ease.


📥 Centralized Inbox: Collaborate with your team using a single, centralized inbox.

🙌 Automated Contact Assignment: Assign contacts to agents automatically for efficient lead management.

⚡️ Agent Productivity: Boost agent productivity with automation, allowing them to focus on high-impact tasks.

📊 Real-time Reports: Access up-to-date agent and sales reports without any performance penalties.

Why Choose Peasy Sales:

Peasy Sales simplifies the complexities of online-to-offline sales. With its AI-powered marketing and sales features, multi-channel support, campaign prediction, and more, it streamlines your sales process and delivers better results.

Ready to maximize your online-to-offline sales potential? Start using Peasy Sales today.

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