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Introducing Signals' Contact Discovery™ Motion, a revolutionary tool designed to transform website visitors into valuable leads for your sales funnel. 🌟

Discover how this innovative solution works:

🔍 Signals seamlessly integrates with your CRM, creating an in-depth profile of your ideal customer and buying committee.

📊 By utilizing Company Reveal™, Signals identifies the companies visiting your website, allowing for targeted engagement.

🎯 If the company aligns with your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), Signals generates a comprehensive account with a detailed company bio.

🔬 Signals categorizes the account based on various behaviors and attributes, such as the number of visits and the source of the visit.

📞 It then locates and adds the contact information of the buying committee members to the account.

✉️ Based on their titles, location, and other attributes, Signals sends personalized emails to these contacts, ensuring value and relevancy.

💼 At any given point, Signals can enroll these contacts into a sales cadence, equipping your team with the right connections and opportunities.

Discover the limitless possibilities of Signals' Contact Discovery™ Motion:

👉 Lead Generation: Transform website visitors into high-quality leads.

👉 Account-Based Marketing: Create detailed profiles for companies that match your ICP.

👉 B2B Website Visitor Tracking: Gain insights into visitor behavior and segment accordingly.

👉 Sales Prospecting: Easily find and add buying committee contact information to accounts.

👉 Conversational Marketing: Send personalized emails to contacts based on their specific details.

Unlock a wealth of resources with Signals:

Signals offers an array of valuable resources, including events, research, podcasts, blogs, and case studies. Explore these resources to gain a comprehensive understanding of how Signals can supercharge your business.

Discover Signals' Contact Discovery™ Motion and revolutionize your lead generation strategy today. 🚀

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