BeyondWords is a text-to-speech publishing platform that empowers users to convert text into engaging audio

Introducing BeyondWords, the cutting-edge text-to-speech publishing platform that revolutionizes the way content is consumed. 🎧📚 With a library of AI voices and advanced voice-cloning technology, BeyondWords allows users and their teams to transform written text into captivating audio effortlessly.

Key Features:

- AI Voices and Voice-Cloning: Utilize a library of AI voices and advanced voice-cloning technology for custom audio creation.

- All-in-One Audio CMS: Automate, manage, and optimize audio content with an integrated content management system.

- Various Conversion Options: Auto-convert content using API, RSS Feed Importer, WordPress plugin, or Ghost plugin.

- Text-to-Speech Editor: Create audio manually with full control over tone and style.

- Seamless Distribution: Embed automatic audio players, use API or SDKs, or publish as a podcast.

- Monetization Options: Include audio ads from sponsors or offer exclusive content for subscribers.

- Analytics and Integration: Measure audio engagement with detailed analytics and connect to Google Analytics.

Use Cases:

- Content Creators: Enhance content reach and engagement by converting written content into audio format.

- Businesses and Marketers: Drive revenue and brand engagement with custom audio content and sponsor ads.

- Podcasters: Easily publish and distribute audio content to attract a broader audience.

Bold and game-changing, BeyondWords empowers users to create captivating audio content that resonates with their target audience. With its powerful features and analytical insights, BeyondWords transforms the world of text-to-speech publishing platforms.

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