Ellen AI

Your Gateway to a Customizable AI Companion

🤖 Ellen AI opens the door to a world of AI companionship, complete with source code and templates for chatbot projects. This versatile tool is your go-to guide for building and personalizing your AI companion.

Key Features:

- 💻 Complete Source Code: Access a comprehensive source code for your AI project, including chatbot templates.

- 🎨 Customization: Tailor your AI companion with the ability to input your API keys and enhance the source code.

- 📹 Video Tutorial: Utilize a video tutorial for easy understanding and implementation.

- ♻️ Rebrand and Resell: Customize and resell your AI creation for various purposes, from AI girlfriends to chatbot assistants.

Summary: Ellen AI empowers users to craft their very own AI companions, providing full source code, detailed instructions, and customization options. Whether you're interested in developing an AI girlfriend or a chatbot assistant, Ellen AI guides you on your journey. Grab this opportunity at the pre-launch price to embark on your AI customization adventure.

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