Open-Source Chatbot Impressing GPT-4 with 90%* ChatGPT Quality

Introducing Vicuna, 🤖 an open-source chatbot developed by the Vicuna Team. This innovative chatbot has been fine-tuned using user-shared conversations collected from ShareGPT. Preliminary evaluations have shown that Vicuna-13B surpasses other models like LLaMA and Stanford Alpaca in over 90% of cases, achieving more than 90% quality of OpenAI ChatGPT and Google Bard.

💡 Features:

- Performance: Vicuna generates more detailed and well-structured answers compared to Alpaca, thanks to fine-tuning with 70K user-shared ChatGPT conversations.

- Evaluation System: The team has developed an automated evaluation framework based on GPT-4 for benchmark generation and performance assessments.

- Serving System: A lightweight distributed serving system has been built, empowering the chatbot to serve multiple models with distributed workers.

🔧 Use Cases:

Vicuna-13B can be utilized as a chatbot system, providing detailed and well-structured responses. It also serves as an open starting point for future research aimed at addressing limitations in tasks involving reasoning or mathematics. Additionally, it accurately identifying itself or ensuring the factual accuracy of its outputs.

⚠️ Limitations:

Like other large language models, Vicuna has certain limitations. It is not proficient in tasks involving reasoning or mathematics, and there may be limitations in accurately identifying itself or ensuring the factual accuracy of its outputs. It's important to note that Vicuna has not been optimized to guarantee safety or mitigate potential toxicity or bias.

📚 Release and License:

The training, serving, and evaluation code of Vicuna are available on a GitHub repository, including the Vicuna-13B model weights. The online demo is a research preview designed for non-commercial use only, and the code is released under the Apache License 2.0.

Discover the potential of Vicuna, an open-source chatbot that brings enhanced performance, evaluation, and serving systems to the forefront of communication.

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