Connect all of your accounts to browse transactions & analyze spend all at once

Introducing Qashboard, the ultimate financial management platform that brings all your banking and credit card transactions together in one convenient place. With the power of AI, it provides precise insights and assists with your financial planning. 📊

Key Features:

- 🏦 All-in-one Overview: Connect all your accounts and credit cards for a consolidated view of your transactions.

- 📈 Deep Financial Insights: Visualize your financial health through comprehensive charts.

- ♻️ Track Recurring Transactions: Easily identify subscriptions or recurring payments.

- 💬 AskWallet: A personal finance assistant that instantly answers your financial queries.

- 🔒 Data & Privacy: Your database remains securely with you, ensuring no access or storage on Qashboard's end.


Qashboard offers flexible pricing plans tailored to meet your needs:

- Hawk Plan: $7 USD/month with a 14-day free trial. Features include an aggregate dashboard, unlimited chats, unlimited connected accounts, and secure data storage on your private database.

- Developer: $220 USD with a one-time fee of $3000 for commercial use code. Enjoy self-hosting, access to 800+ Relume components, and more.

- Free: Free forever. Access 30 Relume components, store up to 10 components, and more.

- Lifetime access: $205 USD billed once. Gain early access to Beta features, share access with up to 3 additional accounts, and more.

- Pro: $40 USD per member/month billed yearly. Access all 800+ Relume components, developer access, and more.

Use Cases:

Qashboard is perfect for personal finance management, financial planning, tracking recurring transactions, and obtaining quick answers to finance-related questions. It is also a valuable asset for developers building libraries for clients and the community.

Discover the power of Qashboard and revolutionize your financial management today!

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