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Effortlessly create and edit visually stunning presentations with the help of AI technology.

🌟 Plus AI for Google Slides 🌟

Revolutionize your presentation creation process with the power of AI. Plus AI for Google Slides is your go-to tool for crafting beautiful and engaging presentations, right within the familiar environment of Google Slides.

✨ Effortless Presentation Creation: Say goodbye to starting presentations from scratch. Let AI do the tedious work and assist you in crafting captivating slides.

✨ Getting Started is a Breeze: Follow these simple steps to start using Plus AI for free:

1. Install Plus AI from the Google Workspace Marketplace.

2. Open any Google Slides presentation.

3. Navigate to Extensions -> Plus AI for Google Slides™ -> New presentation with Plus AI.

4. Enter a prompt or select a preset to create a new presentation.

✨ AI-Powered Features: Experience the power of AI with these amazing features:

- Edit with Plus AI: Easily insert, rewrite, or remix slides using AI.

- Custom Themes: Design stunning themes with automatic font and color selection.

- Co-Creation: Collaborate and co-write with AI for enhanced slides.

- Consistent Designs: Maintain consistent designs, styles, and tones with shared themes and custom-trained AI models.

- Plus Snapshots: Capture data from various analytics tools and apps, and automatically refresh data on your slides.

Start for free and unlock unlimited AI, advanced layouts, custom themes, and more when you're ready.

🎯 Popular Use Cases and Personas:

- Sales Presentations: Create customized slide decks effortlessly for customer and prospect meetings.

- Educational Materials: Simplify the creation of online courses and training content.

- Business Assistant: Let Plus AI assist you as a personal business analyst for research and well-formatted slides.

- Presentation Templates, Right in Google Slides: Design perfect templates without the need for separate galleries or new apps.

🔧 How Plus AI Works:

1. Open the Plus AI add-on and provide a brief description of your presentation.

2. Plus AI generates a presentation outline for your review and adjustment.

3. Plus AI writes your slides. Review, make final edits, and you're ready to present!

Plus Snapshots let you capture and embed live snapshots in collaboration tools like Notion and Confluence, keeping your team updated.

Discover the power of Plus AI and simplify your work tasks. At Plus, we're committed to making your work easier with AI productivity tools. Let us take care of presentation creation so you can focus on delivering exceptional content.

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