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Access the limitless power of AI, right inside Notion. Work faster. Write better. Think bigger.

Notion AI is an innovative feature developed by Notion, a popular workspace platform. 

Unlock the full potential of Notion pages with our AI integration! This cutting-edge tool empowers users to supercharge their productivity and organization using advanced artificial intelligence.

With an array of AI-driven features, this integration streamlines tasks, automates workflows, and provides invaluable data insights. Perfect for both personal projects and team management, our groundbreaking AI integration for Notion is currently in private alpha.

Experience the future of organization and sign up now to join – and start maximizing your Notion pages with AI!

Here are some of the key features and capabilities of Notion AI:

  • Notion AI leverages generative AI models, like GPT-4, to turn user prompts into various forms of content including blog posts, to-do lists, poems, and brainstorming ideas. It can write notes, creating content right in front of the user's eyes​​.
  • When creating a new page in Notion, users get a variety of options such as “Blog post,” “Pros and cons list,” “Outline,” “To-do list,” “Meeting agenda,” “Sales email,” and many others. After selecting an option and providing a prompt, Notion AI begins to populate the page​​.
  • In addition to generating first drafts, Notion AI can be used as an ideation tool. It can continue writing to fill out more possibilities or generate a list based on a specific prompt, making it a useful tool for brainstorming and concept development​.
  • The data used in Notion AI’s model largely comes from the broader internet. However, there are plans to personalize the model to companies and individual pages, allowing the AI to write in a company’s voice and make use of its internal information​.
  • Beyond writing, Notion AI can assist in answering questions and enhancing knowledge bases. It can also potentially integrate with calendars and task management systems, and facilitate tasks related to information organization and management​​.

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