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Welcome to JECT.AI, the content creation tool for journalists powered by AI to promote creativity and a diversity of voices in journalism.

JECT.AI is an advanced AI-powered technology that produces high-quality written content - especially news articles. It gathers data from different sources, evaluates it for relevant info, and creates stories with both primary and secondary resources in minutes. Its top features include: custom article length, language choices, and control over the generated material.

JECT.AI is a trustworthy choice for journalists wishing to boost their productivity rapidly. Uniquely, it can create news articles based on specific keywords/topics. This means reporters can save time searching and writing about current events, while still providing up-to-date and captivating material to their readers effortlessly.

JECT.AI was established in the USA as a startup devoted to developing an AI-based natural language generation platform. In 2018, it won the "Startup Pitch Day Winner" award at the yearly Capgemini World Summit Conference in Paris.

Finally, make sure your deadlines are respected with JECT.AI - the AI tool you can count on!

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