Personalized Children's Books with AI

Introducing Fabularis: AI-crafted personalized children's books that capture the magic of your child's uniqueness. 🌟


- Uniqueness: Every book is designed to mirror your child's characteristics.

- Personalization: Customize your child's name, appearance, and scenario.

- Value Instillation: Instill life-lasting values like courage and problem-solving.

- Editing: Edit the story to your liking and choose your favorite illustrations.

- Preview: See and fall in love with your unique storybook before purchasing.


- Digital Version: Starting at £6.99 for a PDF download.

- Softbook and Hardcover: Physical books delivered to your address. Prices available upon request.

How it Works:

1. Provide basic details about your child.

2. Our state-of-the-art AI crafts a story based on their unique attributes.

3. Edit the story and choose your favorite illustrations.

4. Preview your storybook and pay only if you love it.

Use Cases:

- Nurturing Values: Instill life-lasting values in children through these stories.

- Personal Touch: Customize the stories to create a personal connection.

- Unique Gift: Give a one-of-a-kind gift that resonates personally.

Frequently Asked Questions:

- Preview: View and edit the personalized story before purchasing.

- Personal Data Security: All data is encrypted and exclusively used for crafting your book.

- Delivery Time: Softcover and hardcover books take 7-10 business days. PDF version available immediately.

- Free Stories: Generate 3 free stories before making a purchase.

Fabularis' Vision: Spark young imaginations with personalized children's books as unique as each reader. 💫

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