Automated document and text workflow using no code.

🤖 Meet DeepOpinion - the ultimate platform for automation professionals looking to build advanced AI automations for text and document processes without the need for coding.

🔑 Key Features:

- No-Code Automation: Build AI automations without writing a single line of code.

- 🖱️Drag-and-Drop Interface: Intuitive interface for easy and quick automation setup.

- 📁Pre-Built Solutions and Templates: Access a growing library of pre-built automation solutions and base templates.

- 🔌API Integration: Seamlessly integrate with other applications through APIs.

- 📈Real-Time Tracking and Performance Dashboard: Monitor the efficiency of workflows in real-time.

- 🧠Proprietary Auto ML Engine: Train custom models easily without specialized technical experience.

- 🏆Certificate Training Programs: Develop automation leaders across teams with certificate training programs.

- 🔐Enterprise-Grade Security: Ensure the highest standards of information security to protect client data.

- 🗣️Multi-Language Support: Support for over 100 languages in automation processes.

- ⬆️Autoscaling: Automatically add resources as the workload increases without requiring IT intervention.

🤝 Use Cases:

- 📝 Data Entry and Extraction: Automate the extraction and entry of data from documents.

- 📊 Document Classification and Categorization: Automatically classify and categorize documents based on their content.

- 😃 Sentiment Analysis and Opinion Mining: Analyze text to extract sentiments and opinions.

- 📝 Text Summarization and Generation: Automate the summarization and generation of text content.

- 🌐 Language Translation and Localization: Automatically translate text across multiple languages.

DeepOpinion empowers automation professionals to streamline text and document processes with AI automations, reducing manual effort and enhancing efficiency.

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