Optimized real-time sales call assistance.

Revolutionize your sales team’s approach with Colibri.AI, the real-time conversation intelligence software built for game-changers. Designed to help sales teams maximize their potential, our platform offers a range of features designed to optimize your sales calls, enhance coaching, and provide valuable insights through call analytics.

Experience the ease of AI-Triggered Live Cue Cards that guide your reps through real-time prompts and provide intelligent insights. With Data-Driven Coaching, gain actionable feedback and coaching based on call analytics to improve sales performance, while Call Analytics provides a comprehensive analysis of your team’s overall performance.

Not only does Colibri.AI enable easy recording, transcription, and organization of sales calls in a searchable library, it’s also able to produce automatic AI Meeting Summaries, identify key points and customer queries, prepare Competitor Battle Cards for real-time objection handling, and offer Smart Checklists to support strategic performance.

Take advantage of our market-leading Conversation Intelligence feature, giving you valuable insights into trending topics and market signals for data-driven strategies, and Team Performance Analytics, crucial for measuring key metrics such as script adherence, talk-to-listen ratio, and customer sentiment.

With its multi-use adaptability, Colibri.AI is perfect for Sales Call Optimization, enabling your sales team to improve customer interactions and close deals, Call Analytics and Performance Tracking, providing comprehensive insight to measure performance and Meeting Transcription and Organization, creating a useful searchable and shareable library.

Legal and transcription applications are also enhanced through Colibri.AI’s valuable features, making it an essential tool for companies operating in those fields.

Advanced conversation intelligence is the game-changer your team needs. Enhance your sales force, drive better outcomes, and improve your bottom line with Colibri.AI.

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