A chatbot for your website in just 5 clicks!

A chatbot for your website in just 5 clicks!

ChatBob is an AI chatbot builder that let’s you create, train, and integrate chatbots into your website. With just 5 clicks, you can transform your existing knowledge base into an intelligent chatbot. ChatBob automatically crawls your website and trains ChatGPT on your content. You can then add a chat bubble to your home page where users can ask questions.

By taking advantage of ChatBob, your business gets the following benefits:

- Engage your website visitors with a savvy chatbot

- Automatically answer queries that may be challenging to find through manual search

- Automate routine customer service tasks

- Monitor and analyze customer conversations to continuously improve customer satisfaction

ChatBob Reviews

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@frank_elsen 29 Aug, 23
Using it for my rental home website. Quick setup. Great value.
@bjolly 29 Aug, 23
Founder here. Please try out my tool! :)
Featured on Aug 19