AI Novel Writing Tool is an AI tool that guides writers through a step-by-step process to create books.

Key Features

Quick & Easy Writing

  • Reach Your Goals: No need for endless hours. Wrap up your book faster than you thought.
  • Sell Your Book: Craft books that people want to read, giving you a way to earn some extra money.

Smarter Ways to Write

  • Stay Ahead of the Game: Ditch outdated methods and get your book done more efficiently.
  • Boost Your Imagination: Finish a well-planned book quicker than ever.

Stay Inspired & Organized

  • Keep the Words Flowing: Step-by-step guidance and AI support make writing a breeze.
  • Meet Your Deadlines: Keep track of your writing and enjoy the process more.

Affordable for Everyone

  • More for Less: Get all you need for writing in one place and save money.

Extra Perks

  • Check Originality: Our plagiarism checker ensures your book is unlike any other.
  • Cover Design: We even help you create a captivating cover for your book.

How It Works

  1. Kick-Start Your Ideas: Share your initial thoughts with the AI for story ideas you'll love.
  2. Build Characters: Create lifelike characters with detailed histories.
  3. Make an Outline: Get a roadmap to steer clear of writer's block.
  4. Boost Your Story: Take your plot to the next level with AI suggestions.
  5. Chapter Help: The AI walks you through each chapter, one step at a time.
  6. Your Voice, Your Style: Adjust the AI-generated text to make it truly yours.


  • As low as $0.01 for every 750 words the AI suggests for you.

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