Your AI Ideation Partner for Research and Strategy

Introducing Boba, your AI-powered partner for research and strategy development. 🚀

Key Features:

- Research Signals and Trends: Quickly analyze and summarize articles, earnings calls, and other resources.

- Qualitative Research Assistance: Research articles and news on the web to answer qualitative research questions.

- Scenario Building: Brainstorm possible futures, exploring opportunities, threats, plausibility, and probability.

- Playing to Win Framework: Utilize the Playing to Win strategy framework for "where to play" and "how to win" choices.

- Future-Oriented Stories: Generate stories informed by signals of change in business, culture, and technology.

- Storyboard Generation: Create storyboards for current or future scenarios, including illustrated scenes and customized scripts.

Use Cases:

- Inspire Product Thinking: Use scenario building outcomes to inspire divergent product thinking.

- Socialize Learnings: Share insights through contextualized narratives for informed decision-making.

- Strategic Planning: Inform strategic planning with future-oriented stories and Playing to Win choices.

Boba is your go-to tool for staying ahead in the dynamic landscape of research and strategy. Whether analyzing trends, exploring scenarios, or generating compelling stories, Boba is your AI ideation partner, ensuring your business is well-prepared for what lies ahead. 💡

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