Make Competitive analysis 5x faster

Introducing Askpot 🚀

Do you find competitive analysis a time-consuming task? Say goodbye to manual extraction and analysis with Askpot, the go-to tool for all your competitive analysis needs.


🔎 Analyzes content of product or service page and extracts Unique Value Proposition, Audience, Positioning and many more.

⏱️ Speeds up the process of competitive analysis, making it 5x faster.

📊 Exports results to csv, allowing you to combine them into a single spreadsheet for easier comparison.

🎯 Accurate results - Askpot prides itself on delivering accurate results with advanced algorithms and smart query optimization.

Use Cases:

Askpot is a versatile tool suitable for both data analysts and non-technical users. With Askpot, non-technical managers can independently retrieve the data they need without relying on IT support or data experts.

Getting started with Askpot is a breeze! Simply sign up for an account on our website and start using the service right away.

Rest assured, Askpot is dedicated to continuously enhancing system accuracy and performance to ensure precise and reliable data retrieval from sites.

Experience the power of Askpot today and streamline your competitive analysis process like never before!

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