App Quality Copilot

AI-Automated QA & Testing on Maestro Cloud

🚀 App Quality Copilot: Streamline Your App Testing Process

⭐️ Automatic AI-powered app analysis: Our advanced solution uses artificial intelligence to automatically analyze your app, eliminating the need for manual testing.

⭐️ Advanced insights & issue detection: QualityCopilot provides valuable insights into your app's performance and detects potential issues that could impact user experience.

⭐️ On by default, no configuration required: Our user-friendly solution is designed to be hassle-free, requiring no complex setup or configuration.

⭐️ Insights into app issues: Discover and resolve problems such as function glitches, translation errors, UX flaws, missing data, and broken images.

🔑 Use Cases:

🔍 Identify and fix real user issues in your app.

✨ Improve the quality of your app with automated testing and quality assurance.

💰 Save time and money by automating your app testing processes.

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